We have a selection of accessories available to facilitate you in getting the shot.

Steady Cam Rickshaw

Mainly used for moving with a steady cam operator, backwards, through bush, or beach terrain, where with the soft suspension, a constant stable platform is maintained.

Static Car Arm Rig

Used for stills and also in moving pictures, moving in constant relation to the vehicle adjustable over 180 degrees around the front or rear of the vehicle, extendable in one and two metre sections. 

4 Foot Base and 4 Way Leveller

For various jib arm and vehicle mounts.

4 Way Levelling High Hat

3 Way Leveller

Steel High Hats

Flat Spreaders

Various Elemac Risers

Various " A " Frames and Attachments

V.T. Monitoring Screens

Avalible for the Driver.

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